Ex boyfriend's brother. Can we date?

for some reason I've always felt like my ex's brother always had more in common with me than my ex. his bro and me almost dated but then I started dating my ex, and even during times where it was all 3 of us hanging out, I found myself wanting to talk to his bro more than with him. so today I kinda hinted to his bro that I like him, and he likes me back turns out. do you ever thing me and his bro could date? even if my ex gets a new committed girlfriend who he's crazy about? could me and his bro "talk" but not be official or what? I need help please!


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  • It'd be pretty f***ing weird for me

    I couldn't help but think that my bro and I are tunnel buddies

    There'd be tension but if it's not weird then go for it

    I mean it's gonna be a little weird but still


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