Not sure if he wants to go, and now what do I do?

Well I have liked this guy forever, and I think he likes me. And he heard through my friend that I liked him. Well he was never doing anything about it, so I figured maybe he's shy. So I decided I would see if he wanted to hang out.

So today he was alone and I went up to him and I said" hey, michael, I know this is kind of out of the blue but I was wondering if you wanted to hang out sometime?"

and I was looking down at my phone (I was sooo nervous) and I looked up when I said"hang out soemtie" and he was looking at me and smiling and he said"yea I guess, I have to ask my mom first" but he didn't say it ilike "i guess I have to."

so then I asked if he had a cell phone and he gave me his number, only he said it REALLY fast. and I was like what? and he said it again, fast but I caught most of it except like the last 2 numbers. and I said "was that 73" but when I said that he was about to walk off and he said "yea" and I said ok thank you and I walked away.

so now I am overanalzying this. I keep thinking "he probably doesn't want to go and he said yes because he has to"

and since he said his numebr so fast maybe he was nervous?

i don't know if he really wants to go or was just saying that

and now what do I do? I forgot t give him my number, so I am planning on texting him tomorrow so he can have my number. but what if he doesn't ever text back? my friend says if he doesn't call him the next day. but what if he gets my text but just doesn't respong and if I call him I will seem pushy.


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  • i think he was nervous for the same reason that you were nervous he was probebly happy the you asked him and didn't want to mess it up so he was extra nervous so he talked really fast I do the same thing when I talk to the girl I like,


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  • i think you MIGHT be overanalyzing this. so I would see how hanging out with him goes and take it from there. if things don't go well, you know he isn't that into you.