To kiss or not to kiss...

First a little background. I started dating this lovely girl about a week ago. She's the sweetest person you'll meet. Not a model, but nonetheless a great person. I would say she's very infatuated with me. She was the one who brought up the idea of dating. We're both in college and going home for the winter (2 weeks).

I really love her friendship and companionship, so I don't want to bolt full speed ahead. She's never dated before and consequently hasn't had her first kiss. I have. Question is should I move in for the kiss now or later? I want to make it a bit special for her, as I remember the days of that whole first kiss frenzy. I could probably do this better after break. This is more a question for you gals. What would you prefer if you were in this situation?


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  • Hmm. I had my first kiss this year :) A very lovely memory. I would say maybe try to have your first kiss before winter break, so then you two will be thinking about that over the holidays and be very excited to see each other when you come back. Also I think this might help with not going "full speed ahead" as you could share a nice kiss before you part for the holidays, and then you will be apart for a few weeks to think about things and plan more dates and such.

    Maybe I am wrong, but if she is in college and hasn't dated/kissed before, she might be shy about it. I only first started dating at the end of my senior year of high school, and I was very shy about it. So my advice for that would be to be very sweet to her and give her time if she is nervous.

    • Thanks. It is done, and it went well enough. I forgot how bad a first time kisser can be XD. Anyway, she liked it, and then equated making out to having sex, and was shy and awkward. Later I got a message saying she was PMSing and just reacted strange and would like to continue kissing, and she was sorry, and on and on. Anyway, well enough I'd say.

      Thank you for your response.

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  • You could wait, but hint for something special after the break, just to let her know that you plan on continuing this.


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