Gay college boy...What is he thinking?

i am a sophomore in college, and he is a freshman. We met last week. I really like him, both because of his personality and look.We have spent time together for no more 4 times. 1st time, we talked for 2 hours, get to know each other,and normal chit-chat. 2nd time, his friends wanna see me, or he want to show his friends about me. So I went to his building to see him. I gave him a hug and left. 3rd time, we had an official date. We went to eat in the morning.(was more like a friend hangout). 4th time, the same day, after eating, I asked him to come to my room to study together. We studied for a bit, then watched a movie on the bed, and just kissed. He said, "i like you a lot, I hope break isn't so soon"(we have Christmas break in couple days). He also said, "pinky promise me, you will text me." I asked him to stay over, but he refused. He told me he haven't seen his friends all day, and need to hang out with them. That all happened couple of days ago.

We have each others number. We text. But for some reason, it doesn't seem like he like texting me. It takes him ages to reply. sometime take days. I am confuse. he's the one telling me to text him. (maybe because he has a crappy phone(not smart phone), and it takes forever to get notifcaton and to text?)

Today, I texted him again. I told him I'm leaving tomorrow, going back home, and hope that I can see him again before I leave. He refused. He said he's busy all day. We live 1 min away from each other, I don't see how he doesn't have the time. I texted him again couple hours later. which now has been over 12 hours. "you should stop by and give me a hug, 2secs!" He haven't replied back.

I know we are not boyfriends yet. But I have fallen for him already.

I don't know if he like me or not. We won't see each other again until next semster. I don't know what to do. Please advise.


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  • The taking forever to text back sucks! It drives one mad haha. I was talking to a guy who took forever to text me back, but always did. Needless to say, he was a sweet guy and we liked each other but it just did not work out. Maybe this guy is afraid to commit right now? Is he seeing other people? Right now it seems you are trying to hold up your end (relationship is 50/50) and you aren't even official yet and he isn't working for it. These talking/dating days are usually very nice and you want to see more of each other...not what it sounds like here. Maybe see what happens after break and if he makes any attempts toward you. Don't get caught up and remember there are other great guys out there.

    • i guess you are right..hes not seeing someone else. he said he's busy with finals. that's all, and I feel he cares more about friends at this point(maybe because we just met?)

      btw, can you give me advice on this text? I plan on texting him this message, I just don't know if its appropraite. can I pm it to you?

    • Finals is a busy time...

      sure, go ahead. I can try and help you out there

    • can you accept my friend request please.

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  • haha I read this and I wish I even knew what to say

    i know how men and women operate but gays are like strange foreign aliens to me y'alls emotions and dating patterns don't make sense. good luck though

    • Thanks. but from what I'm seeing. she's like the women in the relationsihp. and I'm the man(although I'm so emotional at times, like right now). he's the one telling me to text him first, and all that. :D

    • uhh yeah I guess dude. um... hmm yeah I suppose then you are being over available thus causing.. "her" attraction to fizzle away ? I don't know ha ha like I said I get men and women and how they're wired but you gay kids are like... outside the realm of the mating dance we do to me, know what I mean.

  • He's a flake. You're foolish to fall for him. He's going to disappoint.

    • he seem so different the way he acted in person and texting.. I can feel he like me from the way he act in person. but when he text, it takes him forever and couple word response.

      hes not a flake. he's a sweet dude.

    • Well, I hope it all works out :)