Girls, who would you be more likely to keep hanging out with?

Let's say two guys tell you they really like you. You had no problem hanging out with either one before they told you how they feel. You say you're not ready for a relationship.

Who would you be more likely to keep hanging out with, if you thought it would be awkward hanging out with someone who likes you but you say you don't like back the same way? The one who you really aren't interested in or the one that you are interested in more than the other?

If it were me I would say the guy you're not really interested in because the feelings aren't there so it wouldn't get awkward to me. I don't know. What do you think?


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  • If I am interested in one of the guys, I would definitely keep being his friend to see what develops. I wouldn't completely stop hanging out with the other guy, but it might be awkward.


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