Why is he not texting me?

So there's this guy who I'v been texting for a while. Whenever he saw me in the halls he would give me a hug. He was really sweet, and texted me morning to night. We had made plans to hang out , well HE would make plans to hang out, but then something would come up and we would have to postpone. He accually asked me once is I had found a guy yet. I just told him I'm not sure, hoping he would take the hint. Eventually he stopped texting me for like, a day, so I figured since he would always initiate the conversation's, maybe he wanted to see if I would do it. So for the next two days I initiated the conversation's , and he seemed to enjoy talking to me. But the next day I didn't text him, and he didn't text me, until later. He asked me if I was okay because my Facebook status was a little depressing, but it was lyrics to a song. I asked him which status, the one that says "*insert song lyrics here(lol)*" And he replied "No the one that say's your a f***ing fluffy bunny. The Hell you think?" I didn't know if I should take it seriously or what.. so I just said "lol, I'm tempted to accually put that as my status now." And he didn't reply! Now today, I havn't texted him at all. Neither has he texted me. Should I just get over it and text him first or what? I'm afraid of annoying him, and I have this feeling that he may be tired of me or something :/ sorry if this is all sort of confusing lol.


Let me make it clear that HE cancels the plans, not me. Its usually something about him not being able to get a ride. But why make plans with me if you can't get a ride?



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  • So from his perspective...

    1) You keep canceling plans with him.

    2) You told him you may have found a boyfriend.

    What do you honestly expect? He's tired of chasing you and thinking he's getting no where.

    Unless you spell things out clearly he's not going to understand what you're getting at. If you want to further this friendship then ask him to hang out and/or tell him you like him.


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  • /:1 I think he likes you but I'm sure he is hitting on a lot of girls and its getting to his head,whether to continueing txting him is up to you but think you should just hold for a few days

  • Don't let the calling habits of some doooshbag control your happiness.


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