Was this an awkward conversation in any way?

Well, this girl I like texts me sometimes and did yesterday. I was busy so I replied today. I got kinda nervous around the second half of the conversation.

Me: Hey! Sorry I was really busy yesterday. How's it going?

Her: going good :) how're you?

Me: I'm good. Gonna get my license Friday :)

Her: REALLY? yay!

Me: Yeah its gonna be so awesome! I can't wait for break to start

Her: me either! only two more days!

Me: What are you gonna be doing over break?

Her: I'm going to texasssss :)

Me: Really? That sounds fun.

Her: Yeah I'm pumped

Me: How long will you be there?

Her: Till the day before Christmas

Me: Well that's cool. Do you know a lot of people there?

Her: My moms side of the family all lives there

Me: Nice. I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun

Her: Yeah :) what are you doing?

Me: I'm not sure. I'm not really doing anything exciting ha ha

Her (7 minutes later): Well that's... fun?

Me: I meant I don't know what I'm doing yet over break I guess. idk

Her: yeah sometimes doing nothing is fun too

Me: Yeah. I still Haven't gotten presents for anyone yet.

Her: me either ha ha

Me: I probably won't get one for my sister. She never got me a birthday present :(

Her: I'm sorry but come on! give her one in the spirit of Christmas

Me: Alright I'll think about it haha

Her: good good

Me: Well I'm getting kinda tired so I guess I'll talk to you later (is it bad that I said this at like 8:30?)

Her: OK adios!

My plan was to ask her out at church this Sunday. She probably won't be there so...? Tell me what you think is going on and what I should do. Thanks :)


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  • cool down bud, she definitely likes you:) she was probably saying that thing about your sis so it looks like she really cares about you and your family, while also proving that she is sweet, and that's what she would do in that situation.

    i would get her a simple flirty friend gift if I were you. maybe make her some cookies. then when you give it to her you can give her a card or whatever, I don't know if this is macho enough for you and it can say something along the lines of your pretty I hope you hav fun ill miss you blah blah blah

    and a few days after Xmas hang out with her and ask the sweetie out:)

    • ok thanks :)

    • oh of course:) you should update this Q when you do ask her out:) best of luck!

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  • I honestly don't think it was awkward, except for the "i guess I'll talk to you later". That's kinda iffy. Idk. But...ask her out! :D

    -Good luck:)

  • no I don't think it was an awkward conversation. I've had worse ones with my crush haha.

    its not bad that you made up an excuse to get out of the conversation but I might have come up with something more believable since it was early at night haha

    you should definitely ask her out at some point :)

    • ok :) if she comes to church soon haha

    • good luck :)

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