All of a sudden he stopped texting. HELP!

Alright, I met this guy(Let's call him J) 16 weeks ago at school and at first we didn't talk then slowly we starting talking and making fun of each other. The last three weeks of school we were flirting a lot. I would catch him looking at me while I'm drinking and when every I caught him he would smile and laugh. We always poked fun at each other. He would make fun of the way I talk and I would make fun of his Pink Mohawk. We even started poking each other and he even called me out for flirting with him. Then this thing happen with one of the guys in class where I needed to be walked to my car. I asked two of my friends to walk me and tried to keep it between us three (Meaning my two friends and I) the reason I needed to be walked to the car, but J came over because he saw I was worried and told me that he would walk me to my car. Mind you I didn't tell him anything one of my friends did. So my friends, J and I walked out of the class and sat in this back patio area of the school till that guy left. When it came time to walk me to my car my friends wanted to come with J and I, but J instanced that only he take me to my car. When we were walking he was talking to me about his friends. This was our second to last class.

At our last class together we didn't talk, because we were both busy with our finals (We are both Culinary students), but at the end of class when it was time to eat him grabbed my wrist and shook it knocking my food into the trash can then he processed to walk away. Only to come back making fun of me. We kept that up till then end of class. He even hit my butt when I was jokingly blocking him from walking behind me.At the very end of class we were standing next to each other then he proceed to start hitting me with his knife kit and I hit him with my hand and started pinching his thigh he even at one point him my boobs with the knife kit. When it came time he walked me to my car again while asking his friend(also a guy) to make out with him (As a joke). He walked me to my car then I was going to ask him for his number, but before I got the words out he said, "You want my number." Then we ended the night.

Now I texted him once and for the first hour he texted back ever minute then all of a sudden he stopped texting. HELP!


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  • maybe he had 2 go really quickly?lol