How would you ask someone if you want to sound casual, not very interested, and friendly

i used to like a guy at uni, a classmate, and we talked quite a lot, and I used to talk to him a lot on Facebook, and we became sort of friends.

The thing is that I thought he liked me, but from all of his acts and behavior I ended up thinking it wasn't like that, so I just decided to let it go, besides, vacations started by that time, so.. it's been a long time since I last saw him.

Anyways, on vacations, he started talking to me on Facebook out of nowhere when I was the one who had to start all the convos, but asking for something, so I figured out he was just talking to me as a friend and because he needed something. But the other day he talked just to ask how I was going, blah blah, but still... NO DATE INVITATION. is it OK if I ask him? and how? I want to sound casual, not to interested, just as friends, not needy either.

If you were in my position, how would you ask someone if you want to sound casual, not very interested, and friendly┬┐


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  • you really can't go wrong by just saying "we should catch up some time" it's a broad question not being specific and being forward it leaves him to answer and to organise... just don't suggest you want to try this new place out or what you doing this week are you busy and you want come across as needy or interested :)


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