2nd outing, avoided kiss, admits "talking" to another guy

So last night she asked me out for our 2nd time going out (1st was casual drinks and friends) We're both mid-late 20s age wise

After being out a few hours of eating, drinking, and playing pool, we were having a great time (got a little physical, she'd touch me when she laughed, etc).

At the end of the night she gave me a ride home, and when I tried kissing her she just looked down saying she couldn't and that she was talking with another guy.

I just said "ooook..., drive safe" and we parted ways.

Not sure if I should even talk to her again after that. What do you all think?


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  • You're not exclusive until you've both agreed to be. So stuff away any jealousy you have, it's not founded here.

    When you're "dating" it's perfectly acceptable to be seeing other people.

    You should see her "kiss refusal" as a good sign. She's open and honest. Now it's your turn to be manly and fun.

    Never let her see you get jealous... only let her see you completely composed.

    That's how you build attraction and rapport.

    Keep going out with her until you've met someone else or she's wanting to have "the exclusivity talk" with you. :)

    ~ Robby


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  • No, she's doing a lot more than talking if she won't even kiss you. Stay far away unless she contacts you--which she won't unless she stops 'talking' with this guy. My guess is this is pillow talking;.

  • Sounds like she's just playing it slow and safe, because she's not too sure how things will go or have gone, with you.

    If you're not up to the possibility that you might have competition for her, then yeah, move on. If you like her enough to make the effort to win her over another guy.. then give it a shot.

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