How to become a better person?

I think I am fairly pretty and I am always polite to people who are nice or polite to me. I am very happy with my life right now and I have goals I'm working towards. I have however heard several times that I don't open up to the opposite gender and that I have issues trusting men. I don't know why this is, I always smile and try be as nice as possible even thou they can be rude with me, and I don't dislike men at all. I just don't want to jump into a relationship after only knowing someone for a month. Yet I come off as I don't trust them? How can I become a better person and make it look like I trust them, just that I like to take things slow?


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  • well to put it plan a simple don't go off of what some else says just be your self and that inner happiness is what draws people into talking to you guys/girls young and old..its a inner glow if you will people can sense your happiness from how you walk to how you talk..but if you walk around stress people can see that to..but maybe your just a late bloomer..give it some time

  • Don't listen to others in that regard. You feel good about your life, don't let their BS seep into your consciousness.


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