Was this a bad text? Or did she overeact?

I text this girl I like asking for help on a hw problem and she said that question was easy. So I ask if she can do the problem and text me a pic of it, and she said "not a chance in hell." So I thought it was a joke at first but then I responded jokingly asking if she didn't know how to do it and asked if I should just say please.

She didn't respond.

So an hour or so later I text her back saying I figured it out and that I was just being stupid. I said sorry if I came off wrong because I am just stressing for finals and asked if we were good.

Still no response. Did I say something bad? I seriously don't think I did. I really thought she liked me so if she doesn't respond to me asking if we are all good then should I assume it is 100% that she doesn't like me?

Could that one text really have changed her opinion on me like that?


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  • If she isn't texting you back just over that, then she is WAY overreacting. However, it is very possible you are reading into her not texting you back way too much. There could very well be another reason she is not texting you back other than being mad about what you said. I mean I know sometimes I will randomly not text back for a reason as simple as leaving my phone in another room without thinking, and not even going in there to get it for a few hours. Just a mindless action.

    I think you are worrying about this way too much.

    • Yea I guess you are right, but at the same time I kinda think she is just ignoring them now because she responded in <5 minutes up until she said "no chance in hell". I really thought we were going to be in a relationship soon...guess I was wrong, big time :( I f***ing hate myself now for this(assuming she read the texts and didn't reply)

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    • Haha well glad everything's okay.

    • So remember how she didn't help me? After she texted back she just said we were fine and then later she asks me for help on a problem. I tell her how to do it but she doesn't even respond to that. Then the next day she texts me again asking for help on a diff problem. like wtf is going on? Now should I read into it and say she doesn't like me past being friends? (and don't say I'm worrying :p because I'm not, just kinda curious)

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  • She sounds competitive with a nasty streak. Leave her alone and go play with one of the nice girls. Possibly stop texting and just use the phone to call the girl...

  • asking her to take a photo of it and do it for you, its sounds kind of user-ish. leave it for now. the more you apologize the more you give her reason to think you should be apologising. wait for her to contact you, you've already said sorry.

    • nah yea I just just sorry that one time but it shouldn't have been that big of a deal. We have a test tomorrow and I was just asking her to show me how to do it. So strange how she can go from seeming 99.9% sure that she likes me to this bullsh*t. no idea.

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