How do I get him to set up a date?

I don't want to seem to pushy even tho he was the one who asked me.. At the end of the convo I did make it awkward but only because I didn't know what to say.. And I ended it quickly

Text convo:

Him: hey there

Me: hey:) how are you? Are you still going to Spain..

Him: ha ha in like half a year. I'm pretty good. Enjoying my break. You?

Me: I'm good:) I still have one more final left tho. Are you doing anything special during break..

Him: Nothing too special...idk...maybe some snowboarding and hanging out with friends. Did you maybe wanna do something sometime? If you're not busy that is...

Me: Yea sure:) just let me know when.. I'll be free after this Thursday:)

Him: Okay cool. Probably next week Because I'm busy this weekend...and Thursday ha

Me: Your gonna think I'm weird for noticing this but if you look at the time you sent the first text and then the time that I sent the next text its pretty similar.. I don't know how I noticed that lol. Gnite larry:)

Him: ha goodnight Annette


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  • It is hard to answer, because I don't know all of the history between you two. But, instead of waiting for him, why don't you just set one up and ask him out? Otherwise, maybe he just isn't into you.

    • Um.. We've known each other since 6th grade.. Uh he liked me in 8th I liked him in 9th,. Um.. One of his friends that's a friend of mine told me that he said he used to like me. All through high school we never really talked but we liked each other when we were younger. I have texted him before a long time ago to hang out but he was busy I guess

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