If you could give any piece of advice to the opposite gender, what would it be?

Mine: I have 2.

GIrls, please don't play the hinting game. It might be so obvious to you on what you think he has to do, but it really isn't to us, so don't expect us to take the hint. Most likely we won't. If you have anything to say, just be straight forward to the guy. You'll take out TONS of obstacles through communication barriers, if you do. Trust me!

Secondly, don't be afraid to make a move on a guy. Initiating a conversation/move will NOT make you look desperate, and most to all guys will be flattered.


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  • I have a couple first to guys that "cant help but" play around with girls feelings it really hurts us all a lot more then you know...think about how you'd feel if someone did it to you...or if it's already happened then you know..don't be that guy.

    To the shy/quiet guys girls do notice you but you're really inimidating sometimes I know how hard it is to even make eye contact but try for a smile sometimes you'll look so much more inviting and some of us will approach you and understand.

    To the sweet guys Don't change yourselves because it seems that girls don't want you because that's not true it's just that sometimes were a bit too slow to realize that we had the best damn thing beside us all along.

    To the really flirty guys..don't turn into the ones that only play

    To the ones that are warry of love..just take it slow because sooner or later you'll find someone who makes you want to try again

    And to every type of guy of my opposite gender no matter who you are and what you think about who will find you someday know that if you wait patiently enough and you don't try to rush it there is a girl out there for everyone..or a guy we don't judge..

    haha I don't know if I just gave advice or a really long shout out ha ha xD

    • lol nice. When it comes to being to manipulative, it goes both ways though. I've been played by girls way too many times for small stupid slip ups.

    • Ohz I know the same can apply but you said opposite gender so I didn't think to add them in sorryz I usually do x.x..but sorry to hear that it can really suck exspecially when you've really grown to trust them too =/

    • A lot of the advice everyone has given can be applied to everyone. I agree.

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  • Guys, don't try showing off in front of girls. 9 out of 10 times they will think you're either immature or full of yourself.

  • I would say the same thing to guys as I would to women. Be honest, be clear, compassionate, reasonable, & do not be a hypocrite.

    Guys can benefit equally from your advice to not play games. It causes just as much confusion to make up what's going on, as it does to not say what's going on, so wait for her to tell you what she means. if that means you do nothing, so be it. maybe if people stopped jumping to action, with no information, it would force other people to give information.

    As far as initiating. Sure I definitely think everyone should feel / be equally free to talk without fear f recrimination. But fact is, a lot of guys do think it looks desperate, so maybe you should tell your brothers to chill the f*** out, instead of telling women to initiate. if something is received gracefully, its a lot more likely to be offered.

    • Tell your girl friends to stop over analyzing every single move we make, as if we're cheating on them.

    • i don't know anyone who does that, but then I don't get along with irrational people-so I don't have idiotic friends.

      why are you being hostile. I wasn't attacking you. just explaining that girls don't necessarily NOT do things, because they don't want to. if you were more receptive& didn't analyze & freak out about the implications of why they are talking to u, they would likely do it more.

      being accused of cheating blocks you how & from what? if you don't cheat & your girlfriend goes psycho on u- then dump her.

  • Don't tell an older girl that you think you are mature. If you are, she will get it, if you are not but say it, she will definitely think you are immature.


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