If someone you are in love with said they 'never lost feelings for you'... What would you do/ say?

You like them alot, but the two of you had been distant for a year or so..Would you wait for them to explain themselves, tell you why they are bringing it up etc.. . or just respond?

What do you think you would actually do, in that circumstance?

What do you think you should do?


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  • Um... do you want to rekindle the old flame? Then respond to them. If that's going to screw too much up, then don't.

    • I am not asking for advice..Ii just want to know what you would actually 'say'.. like the question says, thanks.

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    • I'm kind of returning to my original answer- If you want a relationship with him, just respond and see what happens. What you actually say doesn't matter as much as the fact that you said something. And as I said, if you think it'll screw too much up, don't respond. Point is, the particular wording of what you say doesn't matter as much as the fact that you responded.

    • idk what you mean, 'screw too much up'. what would it screw up? For me, the difficult part is accepting how I feel. there isn't anything that id lose in terms of him & me.. at least, I don't know what that would be.

      reason I was concerned about how to respond, is because I JUST want to know what he means. I don't know if I want to try again.. I want to know why he raised anything at all. lol its true, what do you mean, should be straight forward. he tends to jumps to conclusions. not your fault.. ;)

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  • If you like them and they seem genuine about their feelings give them a shot and see where things could go. Me and my boyfriend talked several years ago, then stopped talking for about a year and a half and now we have been together for almost a year and he is the best thing to happen to me. When we talked before I felt that he was not serious so I pushed him away and now I know that he didn't think I was ready to settle down in the past so with us it was definitely a misunderstanding.

    • hmm.. Thanks... did you guys 'talk' about things after you hadn't spoke for a year & a half?

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    • - don't you think its odd for him to say I refused to talk to him, when we have basically been on talking terms, since I've been back?

      we didn't hang out. he had school, & I had work, but its not true that I refused to talk to him.. &him saying he COULDNT tell me.. doesn't make sense. i

      I don't understand why he needs to paint a false impression of how things were.. & it makes me uneasy. like I don't know its not genuine. I can't figure out what's the trick is or how to approach it.i don't want to be foolish.

    • i know these are things I shouldve raised, but it came out of no where & I was too shocked& suspicious to think of what to say.. so I just listened.

      thanks for your story btw.