Does her not texting mean something?

Lately I have really felt that I am making some real headway with the girl I crush, however school ended a few days ago and were doing exams right now. I texted her good morning yesterday and got no response. I texted her again today asking how her exam went,she responded, I asked how the day went and no response, it seems as though she likes me during school, but I'm unsure what this lack of texting means, don't most girls like to text?

Well I hope your right, does that mean I shouldn't talk to her on fb for a while too?


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  • i don't always respond. it doesn't mean I don't like the person.

    i tend to look at the text when it goes off, then just put my phone down and try to remember to respond later.

    if I were you, don't text her for a few days and see what happens. maybe she will message you.

    but really, I don't always message back even if I am friends with the person. I sometimes forget or I don't have my phone with me.

    dont take her non responsiveness as bad quite yet.

    what signs does she show that she likes you?

    • What if she does not text me after a few days? She put her head on my shoulder the other day, and she wants me to walk her home every day once Christmas break is over.

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    • One more question, what if she doesn't respond?

    • there are so many reasons someone might not respond. don't automatically that she's ignoring you. she may be busy, not have her phone etc.

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  • yeah. totally wait it out

  • Since it's finals she probably declared academic lock down on herself. Plus students tend to be exhausted by their test and framing sessions.


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