He wants to come over this Saturday!?

okay me and this guy have been talking and we both admitted to liking each other but neither of us has asked the other out. so idont exactly know what 'we' are..

well we want to hang out this weekend and he wanted to come to my house and just hang out... which is cool but I have never had a guy come over that I like. I don't know what to do.

and bout as a week ago my dad caught me texting him and I guess it was innapropriate, not really but whatever and I never told the guy my dad read the messages so itll be awkward! what do I do?


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  • tell him that your gona go out sometimes in the weekend(if you don't want him to come over). if not why don't you just chill outside your house with him, if the weather is fair

    • i do want him to come, I wanna hang but I don't want it to be awkward. and I would chill outside but its freezing. lol we should be getting soem snow I believe. and what do I do bout my dad!?

    • now that's where it gets "mission: impossible"(with your dad)

    • haha I know! :/

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  • Explain to him that you would rather go out and do something. How about the movies or to dinner? In my opinion, it's inappropriate to have a guy come over for the first date. He needs to make the effort of planning something. Explain to him that you would rather go out and do something. If he asks what suggest the movies, dinner or coffee.

    • I also wanted to add. When in question, honesty is always the best policy. If he says he wants to meet your parents tell him you don't feel comfortable with that yet. Period. Don't stress it. Most guys want to be liked and want you to think they're a great guy so he's not going to want to make you uncomfortable.

    • we have already hung out like 3 or 4 times. and he's mentioned it twice that we should hang at my house and now I finally gave in and was like alright I just don't know what to do bout my dad...

    • Be honest. Tell him your dad is very strict and you don't want there to be awkwardness.

  • Ask him out...that would be the best to hang out with him and not risking any problems with your daddy.

    • he wants to come over, god only knows why, I think he WANTS to meet my parents but I don't know what to do bout my dad! because I don't want it to be awkward ya know. I have already warned him that my dad tries to act all inimidating so at least I warned him...?

    • You should figure out first why he wants so bad to come visit your home... Then you'll be able to understand and go further from there.