How to kiss my boyfriend for the first time?

That's about it. I've been dating him for about a month and he wants to kiss and I'm ready too, but I'm afraid I'm gonna screw it up. So how do I kiss him? Where do I put my hands, etc.


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  • Dont over think the whole thing. Just relax. My girlfriend puts her arms around my neck or around my back if she is sitting on my lap. I was worried I was going to screw up too, and it wasn't the best but that doesn't matter because he will still like you either way. Matter of fact if your first kiss was perfect then it wouldn't feel as real or meaningful in my opinion. Plus you can set up time to "practice to get better" :P cheesy but it works. But if you want some actual tips:

    Tilt your head SLIGHTLY, not a bunch just enough to make sure your noses don't get in the way

    Look into hos eyes and don't look away unless to look at his lips, if you look away he might think you aren't ready.

    Lean forward and pull him closer if you can

    Close your eyes at least the first time (It get awkward if you have someone staring at you the first time)

    Let your lips meet and keep your mouth closed but your lips relaxed

    Then open you mouth once again slightly. No need to french kiss the first time.

    After a few seconds pull back a little and look into his eyes. Once again if you look somewhere else he will become unsure of himself but pulling away makes him want more.

    Then after all that you can lean back in and continue kissing for longer or you can end it there

    Just don't stress out it comes pretty naturally once it starts. And right after the kiss is through don't pull away. Let him hold you for a while. The worst part of the kiss is always the end ;) Good luck


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  • There is no right or wrong way to do it. My first kiss (which was a long time ago) was super sloppy. In my opinion, it's supposed to be that way. It feels real. Don't think, just do it. Let it happen.

  • the worst thing you can do is overthink and overplan what is suppposed to be spontaneous! So just let it happen. Put your hands on his shoulders or around his neck when the time comes, but don't worry if they wind up somewhere else.

  • Seriously: you'll know.


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  • Don't stress too much about it, first kisses always suck. Here was mine:

    I was in 7th grade, the boy was a bit shorter than me, I bent down to kiss him, all we both got was a mouthful of my long hair!

  • just do a simple kiss on the lips.

  • First kiss is not going to be tongues or anything like that, so don't worry.

    And remember, you have just as much control over it as he does.. You can lean away at any time (Though try not to ended it suddenly, touch his lips really gently with yours, then lean out and look into his eyes)

    Basically.. Just relax.

    I was terrified for my first kiss.. Afterwards though it was a complete case of "What on Earth was I worried about?"

    Tilt your head, though not manically, just eversoslightly works.

    Look into his eyes, at his lips, at his eyes again.. whatever feels right.

    Lean forward slightly - with opitional pause to look at his eyes again.

    Close your eyes at this point.. Staring at each other can be fun, but not first time!

    Just a tiny bit for leaning and your lips will touch.

    Slight pressure, and lean out again. (and open your eyes!)

    Easy peasy.

    You can kiss someone's cheek, or hand, can't you? Then you can do the same thing to his lips!

    Honestly, it's nothing to worry about. Don't over think it.

    I know everyone says it and you don't believe it but it truly will come naturally. You'll figure out what you like.. And different things work best with different partners depending what they like too.