I feel guilty, even though it wasn't my fault. Should I tell him?!

Girls/Guys advice needed. Well I've been talking to this guy for a couple of days now. We went to the same high school all four years but we never ever showed interest in one another. But now he is showing interest in me, but here's the thing... I used to talk this other guy we'll call "I" anywho "I" would text me all day and night and the convo's would get kinda intense. But then I found out "I" had a girlfriend but he never bothered to tell me until I confronted him after I found out about her. Then a couple of days later he broke up with his girlfriend and tried to get with me again but I didn't want him anymore cause he hurt me really bad. Turns out his girlfriend is the guy I'm now talking to sister. Should I tell the guy I'm talking about what happened, cause no one knows but I feel extremely guilty even though I didn't do anything wrong on my part.

Sorry about the lengthy summary but, I really don't know what to do I feel extremely guilty. What would you do if you were in my situation?

Also, I have a wall up because I'm scared of getting hurt again but I really don't want to push him away, how can I open up to him more? And do you guys think I'm over thinking this?!


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  • honestly, I wouldn't say anything.

  • No, you should not tell him. You will hurt the girl + you will create more drama that is so uncalled for. Don't feel guilty as you didn't create this mess. He is responsible for that mess.

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