Boyfriend vs best friend

Ok here's the deal, I'm in a relationship wiith a really awesome guy who I love but lately we haven't been talking that much, and, he's also moving to canberra. But then lately I've started having mixed feeling for my guyfriend especially every time I look his way he always looks up from whatever his doing to look at me too and also he always smiles at me when he thinks I'm not looking. Then just this night when we were out with our friends, he tells me "i'm beautiful and pretty all time". The problem is I'm just entering year ten in school and he's entering his second year in uni. Also what do I do about my boyfriend I love him so much and I don't wanna hurt either of them:( btw.. my guyfriend gives the bes hugs ever:p... pls pls pls I need help here

He's also one of my best friends


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  • I think your just nerves about you friend leaving , stick to you're current boy