Girl who doesn't pick up phone much gets mad at me?

ok I have a friend and we both like each other. thing is that she tends to say really attracting things and then she will back away from me. I would try to call her sometimes and she wouldn't respond until later that day...meaning I'm super attracted to her confusion lol. However, I recently turned her tables by not picking up her phone calls for a day...and now I think she's mad or whatever at me because her phone is completely off. If she is playing this game, why is she mad when I do it to her? Mayb she hates me?


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  • Honestly, even if I really really like a guy I may not return their phone call for 24 hours. Her phone being off doesn't' necessarily mean she's mad at you. Maybe she is in a meeting or doesn't want to be disturbed. Leave her a message and give her room to breath. I was friends with a guy who had a potential of being something more. At first it was cool but at one point he was calling me 3-4 times a day, not leaving a message. He destroyed the chance of our friendship flourishing because he didn't let me breath. I finally had to tell him that I needed space. It's a shame because this friendship could have turned into something more. Have patience and stop over analyzing. Don't blow up her phone. When she calls you back, you better have a good excuse of why you called her so much. She might be annoyed.

    • no she called me a lot yesterday and I didn't pick up her calls. when I called her like normal she would sometimes back away...but when I back away now she's coming full force...

    • Relax...if as you say, she's playing this game, dont' show that it's bothering you so much or she will keep doing it. I honestly think she is just busy and you need to chill and stop over analyzing. Go to the gym or do some Christmas shopping. Stop freaking out.

  • maybe you call a lot or are controlling. I never pick up my phone because I'm usually busy and can't tlak.

    • well she definitely isn't both because she doesn't even work lol

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