I'm not sure if he is trying to figure out what he wants or what?

Me and my ex broke up due to me having financial problems but we are still very close and still act as if we are still going out I love the fact that we still act this we still do everything that a bf gf would do like presents to everything. I asked him recently what was going on between us and he said that nothing was going to change that we are still going to act the same but the only thing that would be different would be that he would be able to hang out with girls and whoever else.

I don't like this fact because I want to be his gf again and don't want to loose him. but I feel that one day he will come back and ask me out. his friends has told me. recently he hung out with a girl and I got jealous I thought they were going to do some thing wrong. the girl has a bf but I know she cheats on him. she also sends pictures to him half naked or naked even. I do not know whats going on. I asked him about the girl if he did anything with her he said that he would never do that and that she has a bf but I don't know. what should I do I need help with this I know that when he is ready we will make this work I'm not sure if he is trying to figure out what he wants or what that's why I need help thanks


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  • What's going on is: he's stringing you along. What I hear you saying is he likes you, but doesn't want to be with you exclusively and wants to maintain some degree of control over who you hang out with. That just wouldn't fly for me. It's ultimatum time. He either needs to be in the relationship for good and act like it or you both need to move on. You're causing yourself unnecessary stress and grief by keeping him involved in your life.