Do girls with these qualities actually exist?

I've been in the dating world for awhile now and it seems that most girls just aren't worth the effort it takes to put in a relationship. Their either too pushy, clingy, bitchy, dumb or some combination of those. And I don't mean to offend anyone, I've never been one to think that all girls are the same and a waste of time or anything, but the more girls like this I come across the more it makes me doubt whether the kind of girl I want even exists. So do you know anyone who has these qualities or are or you like this yourself if you're a girl?


affectionate but knows when to back off



plays video games

not afraid to cook

usually in a good mood

kind to others

doesn't mind her boyfriend spending time with the guys

has a good sense of humor


not superficial

Am I asking for too much?


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  • kind = Yes

    affectionate but knows when to back off = Yes

    loyal = Yes

    confident = Yup

    plays video games = Hell yes

    not afraid to cook = I'm an awesome cook

    usually in a good mood = errrm, I'm a redhead, sometime my temper gets the best of me.

    kind to others = usually

    doesn't mind her boyfriend spending time with the guys = sounds great, I get time with my girls.

    has a good sense of humor = Yuppers

    intelligent = Yeah

    not superficial = :D.

    I'm surprised you don't come across a lot of girls like this, they're not rare where I live. Come to Canada, you'll find lots.


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  • Of course they do. They're not even a rare find or anything, not that I've seen anyway. And no, you're not asking for too much.

  • kind- yes

    affectionate but knows when to back off- yes

    loyal- yes

    confident- no

    plays video games- yes

    not afraid to cook- I suck at cooking

    usually in a good mood- it's 50/50

    kind to others- yes

    doesn't mind boyfriend spending time with the guys- nope

    has a good sense of humor- I hope I do

    intelligent- no

    not superficial- nope

    That's just me.

  • No. That is never asking too much. I personally think that girls should have most of these qualities. I unfortunately don't know many girls that are like this other than me and another friend. I think that girls want everything to be about them and they don't care about the guy. Sorry girls, if I defended anybody.

  • I do know many girls with all of the qualities you named (exept playing video games maybe and confidence vary too a bit)

    Maybe you should date another type of girls or look at different locations

    • LOL! All these wonderful females Gen...too much stimulation! But if she doesn't resemble a butterchurn, if she's not bitchy or high-strung and willing to pee for me...I gotta believe it's a go! <3<3<3=D

  • that pretty much describes me except I can't cook :/

  • You can find a girl like that. I am a girl like that.

  • Well

    I'm kind to everyone even if they don't deserve it sometimes

    I'm affectionate but not like smothering you with a pillow affectionate

    I'm loyal and I won't betray you even if you betray me..just don't believe in revenge or petty things like that

    I play world of warcraft lolz and yes that counts

    I love cooking even if it comes out crappy sometimes I just laugh it off and try again

    ^ refer to first answer

    If I had one I woudn't mind as long as he didn't mind me spending time with the girls..everyone needs some time to themselves sometimes we don't need to do everything together =P

    Ahz well I have a dorky sense of humor but I like to laugh xD

    and nahz not superficial..

    I don't think it's that you're asking too much it's just that you're looking in the wrong places =)

  • Wow. that's me, exactly. But I'm only 17. lol. However, I do know girls your age that are like that. Not many though.

  • I know many people with most of these qualities. But everyone has flaws and you have to learn to accept these.


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  • You're probably looking in the wrong places. I hang out in cafes, libraries, and quiet places, and the women there are very bright. On the other hand, I've gone to parties and seen nothing but airheads there.

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