Do women hate hot younger women?

I saw the guy who I assisted for a few weeks at a formal. He dates this woman on and off. Anyhow I know he has a sexual thing for me, I was his hot young assistant and he loved to show me to all his male friends. But he did not tell his date that I worked alone with him. It was a very informal "job" mostly just shadowing him for fun because we hit it off. His friend told me he never told the woman for "obvious reasons".

He was chatting and flirting with me at the formal, hugged me, said I looked stunning. But when his date was around he shook my hands and acted all formal. At one point we were talking and she appeared and he suddenly pulled away.

She did not seem to like me but he and I never did anything she doesn't know I was close to him to my knowledge. So does she think he would have the hots for me? Because I know he does and he has said many sexual things. He probably would f*** me if he could.

Whats the deal?

Can you guys please relate to my story more than just a general answer?


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  • I can't relate

    Bt I can tell you one thing

    If she doesn't hate you

    Then she's jealous

    She may not know everything

    Bt women can tell

    It's scary almost

    • Can tell that he's attracted to me? she was with her friend and he was alone and he and I were talking and he was telling me I look beautiful and flirting with me and standing close. Then she came out and he pulled away really fast

    • Exactly

      He was probably a little sweaty

      Or if he wasn't she still might've seen him pull away

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  • Its kind of the same thing with people who are very insecure about their body and when they go to a beach they feel threatened by everyone else who isn't sharing the same insecurity who is either in a bikini or swimming trunks.

    So same thing in this situation, others feel threatened when they noticed someone else might be better then them and gets more positive attention. That's why sometimes when I walk out in public some guys wraps an arm around their girlfriends tighter and looks at me with a glare. I don't know why but I assume they are threatened by my presence.

  • Yes because right bout the time women want to settle down is right abought the time desierable men no longer want much to do witj them

  • Older women? Envious of younger that what you mean by "hate"? If so...then..yes of course...(:


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  • i think they get jealous easier, but hate? I don't think so.