He's leaving tomorrow and said he wanted to see again me before he left. Why hasn't he called?

Thank you for reading my question.

A guy I've been dating for the last 9 months is moving to the other side of the country tomorrow. We hung out last Monday and we both had a great time. I felt great knowing that although he's leaving, we'll still be on great terms.We always feel great after our conversations. I feel more inspired and motivated. He tells me I'm smart and that he feels smarter talking with me. We agreed that we’ll remain friends and he asked me to give him a call anytime I wanted to talk-or he might call me when he needed talk.

After a great time, he said he wanted to see me again before he left Saturday and wanted to meet up Friday. Usually he'll call or text me after he sets up the time and comes up with suggestions on where to go since he seems to know where all the cool spots are-which is fine with me.

So... it's Friday night and he hasn't called. Not even to cancel. I wonder why. Did he not think about me enough to call? I don't know him to be a jerk and since I've known him he's always kept his promise to call when he said he's call or meet, etc.He's not sick or dead. His Facebook updates keep popping up with comments on how much of a great time he's having out on the town. He's leaving TOMORROW. Why didn't he call?

A little more history that may provide more insight : I broke up with him a couple weeks before his announcement that he's moving. Throughout our dating he said he didn't want a relationship and wanted to keep things casual. That was fine with me until it wasn't. I felt I was getting too close to him to be casual. I felt that expectations for more were arising in me. He kept it honest, and I didn't want him to feel pressured, so I told him I couldn't see him anymore. He said he was disappointed, but he didn't seem too upset. I felt that we were leaving on good terms.

Over the next month, we'd text each other a few times just to say hi, etc. Last week he asked me about a recent trip I took and mentioned his moving soon. I said that I wanted to see him before he left. We agreed to hang out this past Monday. We both had a really great time. I felt great after hanging out. He said he wanted to see me again before he left and said he wanted to see me again on Friday.

So what happened?


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  • He was probably torn between the desire to see one last time, and the idea that it would not be good for him to see you if he still felt for you.

    Who knows what you would have told each other during this last date "ever" ?

    Sometimes it's better to leave on a good or neutral impression, than with regrets.

  • Maybe he's packing. He's starting a new life tomorrow.


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