Although we are not seeing each other any more..we still talk and hang out sometimes. What's his deal??

I was seeing him for about 3 months and we didn't exactly have the closest anything serious..but we enjoyed doing the same things together and enjoyed eachothers company. I seemed to have thought things were getting a little more serious when I asked him what the status was on us..were we a couple..or were we still just "seeing eachother". He said seeing eachother. And his response did not bother me because I'm not pressed on him. I care about him but not in such a way for that to hurt me. But I'm confused because he doesn't like me talking to other guys..he says the thought of me ever seeing anyone else would bother him. He txts me all the time and gets frustrated with me because I don't. Like I not pressed on him like that. I broke it off with him because he still acts like a child and plays childish texting and calling other girls..hangin out with other girls ect. He's inconsiderate beyond belief and barely ever shows any intrest in my feelings. But If he doesn't see me for a few days hell text me and tell me he wants to hang out becaus he misses me. Although we are not seeing each other any more..we still talk and hang out sometimes. But I still can't figure out what the hell his deal is.


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  • option one:he loves you but not mature enough to admit it.

    option two(which is more likely):he is using u,he sees you as a back up plan,if his attempts with other girls fail ur his plan b,sorry but from ur description I concluded that he's kind of a player(which btw he sucks in it)

    good luck!and I hope you find some1 better who treats you the way you should be treated.


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  • You said it. He's acting like a child. He hasn't grown up yet.