What would you if the girls you have a crush on texts you?

would you use it as a chance to step forward Because you see it as a sign of her being interested in you? or just simply answer her as any of your friends would text you?

i like a guy who was in one of my classes, which I thought he likes me too. he was trying to flirt me alottt...but he is on and off...once he texts me and flirt alot, then suddenly disappears for a while with no text or nothing!

so today after a while I texted him to tell him our grades are postet, even though he called me the most beautiful girl, but he didn't text back after 2-3 times...what should I conclude from his actions?

he is nt interested and just flirts to have fun? or maybe he is too busy? ...


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  • Honestly, I don't know..

    How often do you even respond back to his texts, and how do you respond to them?

    Maybe he's waiting for you to make a move on him for once, since it seems like he's doing all the initiating.

    I'm actually in a similar position as the guy.

    • i always text back on time after receiving the text. I also texted him last night about our grades, he texted 1-2 times, then nothing...again in the afternoon today he texted back...and asked me what is my plan for the holidays, I asked about his plan too...but nothing again! I'm confused!

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    • i don't know...he hasn't texted me back yet from last night...he flirts alot, he calls me beautiful, or extremely beautiful or compliment me, but then he doesn't text back...i think that's strange...im not gunna text him again, unless he texts back and shows that he really cares...what do you think?

    • Sorry, for the late reply! I don't check my answers often. /=

      Honestly.. I don't know.

      But who texts who the most, generally? Is he usually the one that initiate conversations?

      Why don't you suggets hanging out, and see if is interested.

  • I'd be over enjoyed.


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