Can I have some makout tips please?

So I'm going to my boyfriends house and we're watching a scary movie. We've kissed a number of times, but that's it. I've never made out with anyone, but he has with his ex. He told me that he actually doesn't really like making out but I'm convinced it's because his ex made it unpleasant. So just in case, could I have some tips please? Thanks (:


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  • The first and most important thing is don't overthink it. As soon as you realize you're thinking about what you're doing rather than going with what feels right is when it goes downhill.

    Other than that, use your hands. Don't put them anywhere you're not comfortable with, obviously, but move them around.

    Play with his hair, stroke his neck, slide them up and down his back. Slide your hands round to the front and rest them against his chest (though don't push him away!) Put your hand on the small of his back and pull him close, hold him close to you with your hand on his neck.

    If you're really getting into it hold onto his clothing, when your hands on his neck, slide in inside the neckline of his shirt.. Same goes for the small of his back.

    But like I said, these are pointers. Don't think about it! You'll be fine :)

  • Take it slow. Kiss slowly, don't use too much tongue, and don't rush. Use more lips than tongue.

    Use your hands. Put them around his neck, in his hair, touch his back.

    Be playful. Don't try and be super serious, or try be sexy or whatever - enjoy yourself, and don't think too hard. Go with the flow and be as natural as possible. You'll get more comfortable as you get into it.

    I agree, his distaste for making out is probably because his other experience wasn't that great. Hopefully you can change that ;) Just have fun, and don't take it too seriously. :)

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