Did he just call me a bad kisser :o??

So I just made out with my boyfriend, when I kissed him goodbye he said we'll work on that ;) and I was like haha?... and then after I got home he messaged me to look at his fb status so I did and it said

him:haha told you wasn't the best kisser! :)

and I messaged him

me:haha I did... which person were you referring to? lol cause I love your kisses

him: You ha ha :) but I love you <3

me: *raises one eyebrow* I love you too <3

him: ha ha <3

then I posted on his status

me: sorry I suck

him: no you don't :)

Me: yeah I do, don't like to me!:P

him: umm naw I enjoyed it :)

me: ha ha whatever :P

him: I did :)


him:I'll go back and show you :)

Me: Nah, I wouldn't want to make you suffer :P

but I don't get it.. he told me he was a bad kisser... but then I don't know if he just called me one too, or if we just didn't kiss well together, or if he told me I was a bad kisser, or what not, but ****... I'm confused :O help me :P


Most Helpful Girl

  • I doubt it was completely you since you've had some experience. He may have less experience kissing than you do, or maybe the spark when you kiss just isn't there. Give it a little more practice and try to go slow. It's more about the feeling than the technique.


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  • Each person likes kissing differently. I don't feel that kissing should be this same routine over and over again. That's not a passionate kiss to me. I hate it more when it is like clockwork.

    That's something you two have to work out on your own to know what each other likes and dislikes. There should be better communication between you two anyway.


What Girls Said 2

  • i think he said that the kiss between you two can be improved... most probably from your side. so he wants to show you how to do it

  • if he's fast and you want to show him what you like, slow down and kiss him the way you want to be kissed. guys are usually happy to follow your lead.