Did I do and say the right thing?

I asked my new girlfriend to my good friends birthday party..

She said yes ok.. She even bought a gift.. I told her she didn't have to my friend said it was OK if she didnt..


Today I was texting her about the whens and wheres.. When.

She said her mom will drop her off there and she was sorry to ask it but could I take her home afterwards? (my coworkers laughed when they read that)

I said "why not just let your boyfriend take you up there and back again silly girl... :-P

She responded..

My moms just gonna drop me off after she picks me up from church...

At this point I called her... Told her I was confused.. And asked if I could drive her up there.. Her responds.. If your OK with it..

My responds... Are you my girlfriend?

Her.. Yes..

Me.. Then yes I'm sure I'm OK with it.

Her.. I'm just not used to people giving me rides

Me.. Niether am I.. When your hands healed again I'm sure your going to need to talk me into letting you drive..

My question... Was this ok.. Was playing the are your my girlfriend card even as a joke.. OK to do.. Or Should I have simply been OK with it and seen how things turned out?

I guess I should add.. I only pushed for me taking her with me because I didn't want her to arrive early and be hanging around people she didn't know.. Just waiting for me so she could have company.. I didn't want her to feel alone..

I was going to tell her all that but it was her families dinner time so I couldn't .. Had to hang up the phone


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  • Well a negation would have made more sense : "Aren't you my girlfriend ?" which would have implied it was natural to ask.

    There you showed some doubt, also suggesting if you weren't her boyfriend, you'd certainly not do it.

    And you insisted quite heavily about picking her up. Leave her some space, don't be too intrusive since you just started dating.

    • Regarding your update : It might have sounded over-protective. She's able so socialize too. Usually, women can do it far better than men. Stop worrying. If she goes to this birthday, it's also to meet your friends So let her do it :)

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