If you just started dating would you call her during the holidays?

By dating I mean not a relationship. I mean that you just started moving beyond friendship, and that you kiss and hold hands and stuff, and not that many real dates, less than 5?


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  • Yes I would call her or even contact her somehow over the holidays. If I was really interested in her and even liked her I would probably get her a Christmas gift of some sort (one that comes from the heart if you know what I mean).

  • I'd call around half the way to the return date. It could be the occasion to talk about when she comes back, to see if she wants me to pick her up at the trainstation or at the airport, or stuff like that.

    I wouldn't call everyday, or even more than once though. Nor buy a personal gift, it's still too early.

    More something like tickets to a show, or something to be shared.


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