7 day fun on a crusie ship?

I wanna meet a girl and just have fun, I'm not bad looking but I've always been shy. Now though I've got my self a little back bone and wanna try it out. Any of you have tips or advie (what ever the difference in the two are) please give em to me to help out!

Thank you! :)


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  • Awz well first off girls actually find shy guys adorable the part where they lose interest easily (not all but most) is the lack of convo. As long as you've got that down you shoudn't have to much of a problem. The thing is though everyone always ask how? There is no special way to meet a girl...but you know we really appreciate it if that starts with a real smile and a hello..you don't need a fancy line or a plan..if you see a girl that you like just go say hi and strike up a convo..and after that who knows where it'll go =)..have fun on your cruise.


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