How do I go about this situation?

I met this girl at the club and she instantly liked me. We talked and we later exchanged numbers. She even sent me a message that same night saying "it was nice meetin u, good night"... The next day we exchanged texts and it was fun so I invited her out and she perfectly agreed.

2 days later she sent me a message saying she has to be honest with me that we can't meet anymore becos it's been 2months since his ex guy dumped her and she's not ready for anythin now, and she hopes I undastand.

Now am confused, what do you suggest I should reply back?


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  • Let her know that you understand. Who knows, maybe she'll be fine with it soon.

    • Lol why the downvote? The other two said the exact same thing.

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  • You have to be understanding.remain friends. You should text her saying I understand and that maybe in the future you and her could go out sometime maybe. Sorry to hear that. Did you really like her?

    • I had just met her, we were about to know other better by outing and grabbing a drink until this happened. But she's attractive I do say!

  • Of course reply back saying that you understand what she's going through and that you're ready to be there for her if she needs anything, who knows she might change her mind soon or you could just end up being friends.. good luck!


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