Girls, if a guy got your number but hasn't talked to you in 2 months?

I got this girls number about 2 months ago and we texted back and forth a little. I told her we should hangout sometime and she said yeah we should. But I had to leave for school the day after I met her so we didn't get to hang out and I haven't texted her in about 2 months. So I don't even know if she remembers me anymore.

So do you think I should have texted her while I was away? Would she be pissed if I suddenly texted her today? I'm gonna text her either way but I just want some opinions before I do it and maybe some advice on what to say?


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  • Before I comment... Are you interested in this girl? If so, why didn't you text her? Are you just suddently interested in her now, or just trying to test the waters and see? Here's what you can try...

    This will depend on the girl and the situation, but I don't see the harm in trying. Just try being casual at first. Send her a text sometime saying something like "Hey, this is (NAME). Remember, we met at (WHEREVER YOU MET)? I've been so busy with (SCHOOL?) lately, but I was wondering what you were up to these days. How have you been?"

    Don't use this text verbatum, but something similar might work. Make it clear that you are not just bored and looking for a hookup, but that you actually care about what she's been doing and how she is. Text her a few times before trying to instigate a date (etc).

    Good luck!

    • Im interested but don't really know anything about her other than she's pretty so I'm not going head over heels lol. I can see how she would think that I'm just trying to hook up all the suddenly so I really should tread carefully. Thanks!

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  • Yes, you should've have texted her while you were away if you were truly still interested. However, if she has fond memories of you, a text now could quite possibly make her day.

    Go for it. :) What have you got to lose?

    • Yeah it was dumb of me. And you're right there's nothing to lose :)

    • Good luck!

  • Well first of all, I think its generous and cute of you to sill be thinking about her after two months and I'm sure she would say the same thing, unless she thinks "he just wants some for contacting me fter 2months." Yeah, you should've texted her while you were away, why didn't you? You should say "hey remember this stranger? Sorry its been a while, how have you been doing :)"

    • Honestly I have no idea why I didn't keep in touch haha, but probably because I figured we were too far away. Plus texting isn't really one of my favorite things to do :/. But I'm gonna shoot her a text and see what happens lol.

  • I had a similar situation happen to be...I was pissed that he wasn't texting me but because I barely knew him and wasn't really emotionally invested, I moved on. If he texted me now, I would probably respond but be wary because he's obviously a flake and isn't that into me.

    • Thanks for the answer, I don't know why I didn't text her...

    • Because you're a boy... :P Hahaha JK. Try her. You never know, I know I would probably give my guy another chance if he really put in the effort. I would be cautious but I would give him another shot.

    • Lol being a boy explains everything.

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