What are some reasons why a guy would not text you back?

if he flirts a lot and shows that he is interested?

this guy I liked in my class, I caught him looking at me in the class, and he flirts a lot...but he seems kind of on and off...for example he texts me out of the sudden, but after 2-3 times he doesn't text me back. or even I texted him last night about our grades, he replied 1 -2 times then nothing, again today texted and replied that text but not more than 2 times, and again he hasn't texted back!

whats your opinion about a guy like this?


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  • Well it can be him texting several girls or he wants to make sure that you are gonna say something back and then stop all of a sudden to just lave ya hanging.

    • so that means he is kinda sick? :D

    • Lol I guess it can be a guy thing sometimes...though some of my guy friends say that girls have done something similar to them too.

  • he may just be a flirt.

    or sometimes he may not know what to say, so he just stops replying.