What should I do if only I am asking questions in the conversation?

A guy messaged me on a dating site that I was kinda interested in.

I seem to be playing the question game, which I really don't like. It's like me asking a question and him answering it...It's kinda getting boring. Have any tricks to get out of this slump?


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  • It might be a sign of bad chemistry, or him not being that interested in you, if he's not very forthcoming and not asking a lot of questions.

    Or it may just be his personality.

    Or maybe he just needs time to start opening up. Not everyone is as comfortable with online messaging.

    Try asking him questions about what he looks for in a relationship.

    • I understand what you are saying and I would think that we don't have chemistry but he messaged me first. I thought if he would have done that he would want to be more involved with talking to me. It could be just his personality, I think I'm going to give him a couple more days but this isn't going to work if its just me in this conversation.

    • Well, our society kinda dictates that guys have to make the first move, and that probably extends to online dating sites as well. That unfortunately pushes guys to act more confident in the beginning than they really are. And chemistry is also a lot harder to figure out when you haven't met in person.

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  • Ask questions that require thought and more than simple answers.

    • What would be a question that requires more thought? Wouldn't that just give him more time to think about the question but he will still answer it and leaves me asking another question.

  • Try to ask him more interesting questions. If you want to be bold, I would slip him your email address. I mean, he's an online stranger so it can't hurt...what's the worst that can happen?

    • Have you ever saw Megan Is Missing? You should watch it if you think "whats the worst that can happen."

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    • Good luck! I am closing my online dating account, got sick of it. All my messages were from guys I had no interest in except one who seemed perfect, just what I wanted in a guy. Then I met him and though he wasn't a bad guy there was just something awkward about him. I felt no chemistry, and knew it could never go anywhere because of that. It was disappointing, just showed me that someone who seems perfect online can be totally off in person. I hope your guy is better than that though, good luck!

    • Thanks! Good luck to you finding someone! :)