Me - as a 21 year old - possibly going to date a 17 year old guy?

You don't have to read the whole story to answer [except maybe for the last 3 sentences] but here are the detail anyways: we met back in September at a show he played at - it kinda seemed like he was hitting on me because it was pretty random for him to start talking to me. Well I thought that he was kinda cute and was flattered that he was possibly hitting on me but I didn't think that we'd really be more than friends [especially with our age differences] until tonight. He was the only one whom I really knew at the show I went to and so I stuck by him a lot and he was his usual self. I asked what he's been up to and he said the same ol' school and his band and also that he's been watching this one movie every single day because he loves it so much. I told him that I've never seen it and he seemed shocked and said that I had to see it and he told me what it's about. Well I asked him where he lives and if he lives kinda near me if I can come over and watch it with him sometime and he seemed perfectly fine with that. The first time that he thought he had to leave he asked for my phone number and a little bit later he texted me so that I could have his. At the end of the show I told him bye and we hugged and he was like "oh, are you leaving?...text me sometime." Also tonight when I told him a little update on my life his body language made it seem like either he was really into what I was saying [which wasn't that interesting] or just really into me. So my questions are do you think he kinda has a crush on me, how long should I wait to text him if he doesn't text me first, and do you think it could work out between a just-turned 21 year old girl and a just-turned 17 year old guy? I tend to fall for guys younger than me both because I'm more attracted to those guys and it's more likely that younger guys like me because I look really young. Also he does seem mature at least and please don't mention anything about it being "illegal" because I'm not planning on having premarital sex because of my beliefs and I think the same for him, and I doubt that we would get married when he's only 17.

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I forgot to mention but we've only seen each other 3 times [including last night] since first meeting at shows and when he first sees me those nights he would seem kinda excited and give me a hug.
so it hasn't even been a day but I just texted him telling him that I can come over to watch the movie with him and he replied with "Awesome! :)" But I guess I will really know if we'll be more than friends when I'm over.
well...I don't think that he likes me like that anymore cause I've been the one to try to initiate plans with him and he just told me that only this sunday could work and he told me everything he's doing this week, including having a DATE on Saturday.
he's about 4 years younger than me anyways I mean...come on! I shouldn't be that desperate to have a guy.
most definitely disregard this question now! he hasn't contacted me since that day I last updated this question [and I don't feel like contacting first again] so I don't think he really wanted me to come over anyways.


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  • well I read ur whole story, yes I know its long but I liked it, back to the point. ur really pretty, I just wanted you to know that becaus I like ur pic a lot =). okay back to the main point sry. the texting is just whatever you feel like, so don't worry too much bout that. but yah I think he has a crush on for sure. heck I do =). but yah if ya like him as a person and you guys get along, I don't see why it would work unless his parents are dicks. but other than that it wouldn't bother me. so go for it. oh and I like what you did to ur hair too.

    i hope dis helps


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  • Go with the flow. Age is a number. Nothing more.

    One thought is though, that his friends and your friends might be on different levels of maturity.

    And you can hang at a bar and drink while he...cannot..

    Get him a fake ID and your set!

    (and you are a cute girl, so don't worry about texting him, it won't make a huge difference when you text him)

    • Oh thanks! but I'm actually not into the whole drinking and going-to-bars thing; I'm more into staying sober and going to shows just like him [except he actually plays in them], and almost all of my friends now are local musician guys who are mostly younger than me. and by "huge difference" I'm assuming you mean it won't be a turn-off, but would it be a turn on [especially since he told me to] and for how many days should I wait to not seem desperate or like I'm "chasing" him? again, thanks.

  • cheer, I recently uploaded part of my pic, do I look alright with the facial hair? don't be afraid to be honest

    • Well I honestly can't tell too much since you only uploaded it to your avatar [instead of uploading it as a regular picture] so it's a bit too small for me to see but from what I can tell it looks fine.

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    • Well I don't know that but I do know to put it also as a regular picture go to your profile and the section that's on the bottom right is the "my pictures" section so upload it to that so that people can see a bigger version of that picture.

    • Kk thanks ill try it

  • what movie?

    • Pineapple Express - it's the movie that he told me he's been watching every single day [not sure for how long though] because according to him it's so good

    • Rofl, it was a funny movie have fun watching it with him ;)

  • das a good thing den, and I got my whole pic up if ya wanna comment bout my earlier question thanks


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  • I don't see anything wrong with talking or dating him. If you and him, hang out the same crowds and want the same things then go for it. Age is just the number if the guy is mature and know what he is getting himself into. I mean its take two to make the relationship work. I know your feeling well because I'm kinda see a guy who is four years younger then me. It is hard work and

    • Thank you! I don't want to sound like a hypocrite, though, because when I found out that this one other guy whom I was physically involved with had lied about his age to me [he's really 16 but he told me that he's 18 after I told him that I was 20] I seemed very appalled and disgusted and my excuse with another guy is that he's only 17. But I guess I shouldn't really care what others think about his age. Also did you mean to write something more at the end cause you ended with "and"?

    • I was going to say that people will talk because he is young especially he is only 17 and you're 21 but if you and him really want it happen then let it flow. from the sound of it, he is mature and want to know what is getting himself into.