Girls- How would you react to my proposal I wrote to a girl I met online for a coffee date?

I said to her message.

I hope you enjoy the holidays too. When I get back to Lawrence I would love to buy you a cup of coffee or one of those cupcakes and meet up on Mass if you want? You can pick the place, since you're the Lawrence native

What do you think she will say? I was trying to be confident and just ask.

I replied at 8 am this morning and she hasn't replied yet. It's nervewracking putting yourself out there and waiting for her answer. I know she likes me, it's just a matter if she thinks I asked to meet her too soon, but I'm not going back to school until January 10th, so I figured she could answer me and then we could still get to know each other online before then


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  • Cute!

    I'd def say yes^^

    Hope she'll do the same :D

    • awesome thanks, I hope so. I'm really excited about meeting her if she says yes

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