He said he deletes his messages & call lists to keep it clean, is this normal?

I asked him if he deletes my messages to him and he said no,I don't delete yours,I've always kept my call lists clean and messages,I went from using an old phone that didn't have much space on it so I'd have to delete my messages to create room to then getting an I phone,so I'm used to keeping it clean...Is this normal?I know it comes down to trust,but I'm very insecure..and so is he actually.Just made me think,why delete them,is there something to hide..?

I've had other signs that's made me wonder about him and then him saying that...I don't know,maybe I'm just being paranoid.


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  • Yes, I do atleast.. old messages clog up my phones memory so I gotta delete them every now and then


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  • Maybe he is stuck to his old ways and deleting his messages on his phone. Either way, it is kind of fishy if he keeps deleting messages and call list on his phone.

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  • Something to keep in the back of your mind but not get paranoid over. If he displays other odd habits then def. a red flag. Don't sweat it much but as always keep your eyes open

    • The other day he took his phone to the bathroom..and didn't seem to want to keep the phone near me..but then yesterday he let me use his phone and left it in the room with me for ages...And after work he would sometimes take hours to reply..that's only sometimes though..So not sure if I'm reading into it or not..And I haven't been well and he started crying because he hated that he couldn't help me which is true he can't really..but maybe he was been genuine..or felt guilty..I don't know

    • Don't feel guilty.. But don't feel paranoid over it. Just keep your eyes open. As I said earlier. And don't confront him unless you got something.

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