What is wrong with me and how can I move on?

I have a crush on a guy for over 5 years. Actually, I don't remember his name but that he is my old coworker basketball partner. He was really nice, funny, and down-to-earth (open). Again, he is a manager and was working at a upscale retail shop. Every guy that I have dated has always been compared to this crush in my head. It has been 5 years and I am still thinking of this guy. I have two fears.

1) That I will always compare every guy afterward to this crush.

2) That I know more about this guy and I am afraid that he will no longer be my ideal person.

The problem is I don't see him at this upscale retail shop anymore. I always wonder, did I miss my chance? I could have kept working for that branch and transfer to his branch but I choice to get my degree. I will be graduating soon and will get my master. I am afraid that once I get my master, I will no common ground to get to know this guy. My crazy idea was working part time this summer at this retail branch (if they even hired me) and maybe know what exactly this guy is like.

I fear that if he was like my coworker (personality almost the same) that it will turn out that this guy has a girlfriend but hits and dates any girls beside her. I afraid of regrets but I am afraid never finding a guy close to him...Advice?

Thanks. I really do appreciate the don't know the name but I can probably figure it if I work there. OH MY GOSH, I sound a freaken stalker. idk. I hate the feeling of missed opportunity and then again having to constantly compare...
I think I know my problem now but I can't solve it. I think the problem is that I shouldn't gone to that store to pick up the pair of shoe that I really want because then I won't used terms that only people who work there understand. :( However, that is done and I know why he was open and really nice to me (coworkers united). The problem is I need to find a guy who as honest, open, funny, etc... as him and that is going to be a problem in graduate school or in my field of work (construction)...


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  • If you don't remember his name, you've already moved on. Congrats!

    • Just don't dwell on it. It's no biggie. I sometimes think of a girl I saw somewhere who had a particularly incredible ass or amazing boobs. It doesn't mean anything. You tend to dwell on it less if you get out there and get some, you know?

    • Thanks. I understand where you are coming from. The problem is that since I am in a male dominate major, it is more like they come to me for some and it just doesn't happen because none of them live up to my "crush". It is so sad but I have a check list in my mind like __funny, __open, __ down-to-earth, __ nice, __ tall, __ into sport, and so on. It is sad because it is only based on one conversation and that manager was so good because he was so open and above about my coworker and so on.

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  • Lol I forget names too.

  • Lol you don't even remember his name, everyone compares current crushes to previous crushes but come on, if you can't even remember his name, then you need to move the f on

    • Thanks. I would love to f move on but I can't stop seeing his face in my dream, OK. I think I have a major crush and he is not going anywhere in my mind and I don't know how to move on. It will be nice if I could. I need more of how to instead of just move on. I hope I don't dream again.

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