I don't want to two time, so please help!!

Guy #1

I met first. We met through mutual friends. I'm in college and we both have meal plans, so we ate dinner with our friends and then ended up ju grabbing dinner with the two of us a lot. Not to sound conceited but I could tell that he liked me. I wasn't really into him, but I could tell he was a nice guy. He wanted me to be his girlfriend, when I didn't know him too well. I told him that I felt like I didn't know him too well and that I though we should go on a date first.

Before the date he was such a sweetheart. He cleaned out my computer, took me to the store (I don't have a car) , help me with a project till 6am in the morning on a week night. Then stayed up till 6am doing hw and quizzing me till 6am.

We went on a date to Ruby Tuesdays. It went pretty well. We ended up making out. I wanted to see if there was any chemistry and it wasn't that bad, but still wasn't too attracted to him. He keeps wanting to hangout everyday, or texts me a lot. I don't want to lead him on or hurt him. Now he kinda wants to know my decision and what I've been thinking and I'm still not sure, but I'm leaning on a no.

oh one more thing. I told my family about him and they love the thought of me dating him. Family is very important to me, so I'm at least gonna consider what they think. Also, I have choose a lot of jerks and players and it was nice to be treated nicely.


I met online, but he goes to the same college I do and we happened to have mutual friends. The first time I met him we hung out with a few of his friends and played beer pong and watched tv. I didn't really think much of it, but he wanted to hangout again. So, one might I came over and we watched TV and started making out. Then he asked me out on a date, and I said yes.

I was really excited to go on a date with him. We went to this inexpensive Hispanic restaurant. I'm not sure if he picked it because I'm Hispanic or if he just wanted to try it out. Anyway, we went back to his place, had some drinks and started watching TV. We started to make out again, but this time things got a little heated. We started to fool around on the couch in the basement, with his roommates and friends upstairs lol.

We finally decided it would be better to go into his room, so we wouldn't get caught. We fooled around some more and talked some more. It got to be really late and he wanted me to sleep over. It was really cold and late, so I finally decided to stay over. He also enticed me by promising to cook me breakfast in the morning.

We woke up at around noon and fooled around some more. He cooked breakfast/ more like lunch since it was 3pm at this point lol. I ended up staying a few more hours where we just cuddled, talked and watched TV.

This week we both really wanted to see each other, since we were about to go to break.I invited him over just so that we could say a quick hi and good bye.

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We started to talk and then started making out. Since, my couch is close my door we decided to go into my bedroom. We started to fool around, but had to cut it short cause we both had to leave. I ended up staying an extra day and was hoping we could hangout some more.

He is on the wreslting team and had to work out, and asked if I wanted to join him. I was more than happy to. We both took a shower (seperatly lol). Then we went to his place watched TV and started to fool around .
I think I'm starting to like him. He told me he has had a lot of partners, but regrets having so many. When I told him I was a virgin he though that was a good thing and encouraged me to wait till I got married.


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  • #2 is more likely to be a jerk (based on this ? you said that you've seem to be attracted to jerks),

    and in this ? you don't make much mention about how he treats you besides him making you food after being sexual with him.

    #1...he seems like a guy that you like because of how he treats you, but you're not as attracted to as #2.

    BUT...you 1) went on a date with #1..., and 2) made-out with him after the date.

    Yet you don't want to be his gf.

    This sounds like a "very nice&nice guy that I'm not attracted to" vs "attractive guy that treats me just well enough to keep me around".

    I say don't go for neither. But if I had my hands tied and had to vote, I'd say #1.


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  • you put more effort into explaining guy #2...youre more into him, go for that...take it slow and see where it goes...

    but yeah, notice how much more detail and enthusiasm you used with #2...just rem, take it slow and watch out for his intensions.

    good luck :)

    lifes all about chances!

  • Simply put, if you can't choose one for sure, and I mean so strongly feel more for one over another, then don't bother with either. Cause if you can't strongly feel something for one person over all others then you're not really in love with them and it's gonna end and be a waste of time at the end as is.


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  • Both guys sound amazing but which one do you feel more for? It all depends on how comfortable and happy you are with someone

    • I feel more for the 2nd one. But, I know the first one is good and worried that the 2nd one is gonna be like a lot of other guys who have hurt me.

    • If you feel more the second one,go for him. Love is about taking chances and learning to open up and trust someone. I speak from experience. If it started in friendship and getting to know each other,chances are it will go great =]