Dinner with a blast from the past. reason?

a man who I met 3 years ago recently called me and asked me to dinner. he informed me that he and his wife are going through a divorce and I accepted. I told him a had a boyfriend but would still love to catch up with him. (my relationship with my boyfriend has slowly grown into just a good friendship, but I still did not want to be dishonest about dinner and I did tell him I was going which he was OK with). he said he respected that I didn't go behind my boyfriend back and thought a lot of me for it. I believe there is some chemistry their although he is quite a bit older, 39 and I'm 22. this doesn't bother me, however, I'm not exactly sure what he is looking for. id like to think he is interested in me for more than physical reasons as he did call me up after 3 years(I moved off to school). but how should I know? was he OK with me having a boyfriend because he is after sex or because he knows and is out to get what he wants?(me).

rebound even after 6+ months of separation? it wasn't that convenient seeing as how we have not spoke nor seen one another in 3 years.


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  • Guys would love to bone a young girl. I am around your age and I have a lot of older men give me a ton of attention. He probably wants to have sex with you and now that he's going through a divorce he figures you're game.

    When guys want sex, they will go after it. It is definitely very possible that now that he is free he figures "hey may as well go for it". I think that if he wanted a relationship he would be unhappy about the boyfriend.

    Trust me from a girl who has been around a lot of men (at this point I have not slept with any of them but some want to take me out and they all hit on me a ton), a younger woman is like a prize. They want to hit it and quit it. He COULD like you but I wouldn't expect it to be more than sex, so watch out.

    It is very possible to feel chemistry with him. I have felt chemistry with guys who are a lot older. Sexual attraction is what it is.


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  • Because he's now looking to play the field. He already had contact with you before, so you're not a total stranger - you're a convenient rebound.


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  • Hmm sounds like he's after you for sex. I mean why else would he contact you after all this time?

    The age difference bothers me though.

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