What is the best way to meet someone?

I am in school from early til late every weekday. At the weekends I have to do jobs around the house and I'm exhausted for the last day. The only chance I have to meet girls is at parties and there are none until after Christmas. How can I meet more people?

I'm 17 so clubs and pubs are usually out of the question. Thanks

Oh yeah I forgot...I'm in an all boys school otherwise I'd be sorted :)... So school stuff - kinda out of the question.


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  • I meet by ex's by going to college or groups, but I meet my boyfriend in the local shop so never know where the best place is, so always be on the look out and never be nervous about even going shopping and meeting girls there remember you will never usually see these girls again


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  • Get involved with extra curricular activities at school, perhaps inter-school stuff if there is such a thing?

    Drive over a few towns with friends and go to a hangout there, for some new people.

    Maybe try a dating site, though you are quite young for that.

    Ask friends to introduce you to their friends that you don't know.

  • yes those are out of the ques..but if you want a stable relationship, I'm here baby..lol..holler at me

  • -activities/clubs in and out of school

    -sports (whether you're watching or playing)



    -(as a last resort) Facebook

    -friends of friends


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