Does anyone have first date ideas for me?

I've never met her, but we've talked a lot and she seems interested. I don't wanna over do it, but would like it to be more than just a cup of coffee.


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  • Okay I have to put the rest here haha.

    If your girl's a little more fun and flirty, something active like laser tag, bowling, or ice skating might be more fun. You guys will be able to talk plenty, while still keeping it casual and fun.

    Hope this helps! And good luck :)

  • Depends on what type of area you live in and what the climate's like. Do you mind giving some details? Haha that would make it easier

    • smaller kinda town, but its too cold/raining to do anything outside...if that's what you were thinking

    • Okay so it sounds a lot like where I live (new England) haha. So seeing as outdoor activities aren't really a possibility, something casual like going to a movie or watching one at someone's house is always good. This way, you talk without getting into anything heavy, and you get the chance to break the touch barrier by holding her hand during the movie. Not only will this make you feel a little more comfortable around each other, but it shows her that you're interested. H/O, ran out of room

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