Girls, how would you like guys to text you?

Also, what annoys you during texting, and how often would you like to call them?


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  • Omg if I like the guy I want him to text me whenever I'm on his mind ;D

    • Yeah, but how do you keep the conversations going if you won't see each other for a while?

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    • how do you say goodbye through texts? It's not like real time chat..

    • If I don't text back long enough, she might think I'm playing her or something. And then, she might never text me back, because she could be waiting for me to initiate all the texts, and I find that infuriating. Damn, it's always lose lose situation for the guy. I hate it. >__>

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  • I don't like it when I'm called baby, or there's too much sexual undertones involved when it's not humor based. It's all about respect & honesty, but also humor. Also, texting amount depends on how much the person being texted likes you and if they have unlimited texting. When you have unlimited texting it's easy to go overboard and forget that the other person might not be in the mood to text. In fact, since you're a guy it should just be easy for you to ask a girl first themselves. You need to find out each individual girls limits. Texting a billion times though, sort of annoying when you're not into the guy or if he doesn't make you laugh. The more elaborate the notification sound is, the less likely they are to like being texted more than once an hour.

    • She has an iphone.. I'm pretty damn sure she has unlimited, or doesn't care how much I text, because usually when she texts back, I get 3X more texts (the texts are broken down) then I send her for every question I ask.

      Also, I don't constantly text her. We have a steady conversation, and I try to keep asking a question (which she responds and asks me back the same question), and respond with another to keep the conversation--because if I don't.. She won't text me back. Read myother replies too

  • when you text a guy and wait forever and all they say is wats up? like every single about a simple how are you?

    if you always answer with 1 or 2 words, ill think that you really don't want to talk to me

    and call like 3 or 4 times a week or more depending on how into your relationship you are

    • I don't answer with one or two word questions thankfully.. The girl I like, we actually have some pretty lengthy texts..

      My problem is, I'm at the point where I'm the one who's usually asking the 21 questions and I feel like it's getting a little dry for both of us. Should I start.. calling her? I don't know what to do. I almsot feel like I don't want to text her again. It's been 2 days.. Or should I wait for her to contact me back, to see how much she likes me?

  • i hate when a guy texts me first and instead of trying to start up a convo he just texts back one or two words !, smh what's the point in that.. if you're going to text her have a actual convo with her but don't text her constantly, or if she doesn't respond quickly don't continue to resend the same text ,so annoying ..i personally don't really like talking on the phone, but if you want to ask her out on a date it would be sweet to call her rather than txting saying "wanna meet up"..

  • hey baby the think annoys me the most is when the guy don't talk in let girl talk the hole time there text

    • lol I can see how that would be annoying. What about the other 2 questions? D:

      Are the guys usually the ones that initiate text? And how do you keep an conversation over text over winterbreak, without seeing each other? I don't want to play 21 questions anymore, because I don't want to bore her. /=

    • @Asker - why don't you just ask them in text because you're not sure? I admire men who are just open and honest with me :) Sounds like you've been doing the right thing so far, just be funny and make jokes every now and then, be honest with her, and if you feel like the texting is getting dry do something else. But don't leave her hanging!

    • Ask her what?

      And yeah, that's my issue... I keep her hanging? I'm the one who is usually the one initiating all the texts. How is that fair for me? >___>

  • Once a week is standard for texting. Some guys like to text once a day if they really like a girl, but don't sit on the phone texting forever. If you're going to have more than one or two one-liners, text asking what's a good time to chat and then just call her. I'd much more personable.

    • Once a week if you're interested in them? That's like nothing... lol And what would you do if you were in my situation.. I wont' be seeing her for 2 more weeks, because we're both on winter breka.

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    • She likes me back, and we've been texting for 2 weeks straight.

    • I'd stick to the advice I offered, but you should do what you like, then. No point in asking, lol.

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