How can I get girls?

I always get dissed by every girl! 1000's of girls! Never any success! I'm 22, white pale skin, 5'6, short light brown hair, a stuttery voice that makes me sound unconfident which I'm not, I'm strong got big muscles but I'm chubby, I have no special skills(Talent), I'm shy at first, I'm not very social meaning I sometimes struggle to know what to say but that don't matter since I always get dissed anyways at first look, currently have no job, can be funny but not always, I got 3 gaps and my upper teeth which I got braces to fix, currently no job! What all do I need to improve on? How can I get a Girl?


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  • I know you want girls to tell you that women will just accept you as you are...but lets face it. If a woman sat here blubbering about how she's 400lbs overweight, pale, acne all over her face, you think it would be better for her to just wait for the "right guy" to accept her? Or to improve herself for the better so that a good side of her can really shine? Definitely the latter.

    You've laid out all the areas you can work on already. Find a job, get a bit of a makeover, start working out to lose the chub, pick up a hobby, work on becoming more confident and good in social situations. These things will increase your chances immensely. Unless of course you want the kind of girl who would accept you with all of these flaws. More power to you if this is the case. But I doubt you'd accept that girl back.


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  • Just be yourself that's all I can say. You don't have to overexert with making yourself look different just to get girls to get attracted to you because a real girl will accept you no matter how you look like. It's the character of a person that makes him attractive and would make a guys stand out from the rest.

  • I don't think you should change yourself to get a girl, that's not attractive. I think it's best to just be yourself and the right girl will come. And don't be so hard on yourself, stop looking at all of the negative stuff and look at something positive. Also, you seem to focus a lot on your physical appearance, I mean that matters but not as much as who you are on the inside...

    • I get dissed before I get that chance! And I've been called ugly a lot but no reason why!

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    • I asked every kind of girl out!

    • How are you asking them out?

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