Girls why do you need girls and not just a guy?

So I'm in a relationship with my girl and she constantly hangs out with her girls and stuff and texts them when I'm hanging out with her. Why do girls always need their girls?


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  • He doesn't like you that much and doesn't know how put value towards you. That kind of relationship won't be for long term. If I am with my guy I would put all my attention towards him because I love him. Why would I say yes when he asked me out in the first place if I'm not going to be responsible for it not unless he has attitude problems.

    • goood info I'm gonna have a talk with her about that ...

    • I do hang around with my girls often because I like being with them because of the same interest we have but I do put limits towards the relationship I have with my girl friends. Boyfriend time is boyfriend time. My friends understands.

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  • It is important that she have her own friends and a life outside of you. If she is constantly ignoring you to text her friends, that is another thing. But both of you should still have your own friendsapart from each other. Be happy that she is level-headed enough not to throw them away just because she has you, because that will end badly for you in the long run.

    • I hate that she needs to have a life apart from the relationship. Its too much.

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    • well if she can so can i!

    • I agree, 100%. You need friends, too.

  • If she didn't have her friends and her own life, you would be calling her clingy. This is a stupid question. Like why do you need bros?

  • It's called having a social life.Would you prefer her hanging out with YOU everyday all day?Texting you all day?Are you jealous that she has friends outside of you?Texting them while you are with her is something else.But I honestly don't see what the complaint is here.

    • u don't get it. she does it when she is with me. its annoying and she needs to spend time with me not with them all the time.

    • ohhhh...okay...i get that.Thats rude of her and you should speak to her about it.

  • to be completely honest, guys don't seem to like to talk much, and girls do. So, it's either drive you crazy with constant talking (which I know you love) or talking to their girlfriends.

    • my girlfriend does talk a lot and it annoys me lol

    • every guy I know talks alot. the guy I'm in love with complains I don't talk enough.

      stereotypes serve no practical purpose. there only purpose is psychological, to make you feel like you are actually saying something- you're not.

    • either of you.

  • because we girls have bonds and we understand each other extraordinarily especially if we've been friends over a long time.. we just get each other because we understand our personalities and likes and dis's.. etc.. hope I helped.

    • also to cuddle with or just talk?

    • well if I'm super down I'll wanna hug but other than that normally I just wanna talk about stuff guys don't normally care or wanna talk about.

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