Advice on first serious dating experience?

I have been talking to this guy for a few months. He's the first guy that absolutely fills me with joy and butterflies.

He makes me laugh, picks me up when I'm down, makes me feel great about myself, compliments me all the time (not needed but appreciated), is a gentlemen but can be a smart ass and joke around with me and give it right back to me with my sarcastic sense of humor, we had a mutual instant connection (he's told me so and more), he's the first guy that could really fit in with my friends and family and I'd be proud to show him off because he is a respectable guy that is very courteous and doesn't have a bad bone in his body (accept that he's "Bad to the Bone" :P he's big fan of classic rock/metal especially Iron Maiden), as far as I know about his family and friends that I would fit right in and love them as well.

OK enough bout that what I am so nervous/excited about is actually dating a lot more and we are both serious about making something work. I'm worried about my lack of experience in the relationship dept. and he has a lot of long term relationship experience. There are somewhat distance issues and time constraints with lots of different college activities but I think we can wait or hold on through anything.

Just looking for advice and encouragement.

Just as an added thing that I am not in lala land and I know that it may not work out but going to hope for the best.


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  • There are no guarantees in life. No guarantee that he will be a good boyfriend, he won't break your heart, or break up with you. No need to think twice. It's OK to be scared but if you don't risk it all, you don't have the opportunity of experiencing something wonderful. From his track record, it looks like he makes you happy. You are dating smart but sometimes you have to go with your heart and stop over analyinzing with your mind.


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  • you sound like your really taken with this guy, I hope the best for you two. From my personal experience, I'd happily share some ideas that I wish I had done different with my ex. I know college is very time consuming, though you guys are dating don't let it get in the way of your studies. DO NOT have sex, as hard as it may sound don't do it. Enjoy each other like friends, but be close as love birds in public. Keep the relationship naive, and I PROMISE you will have a happy long lasting relationship.

    My longest relationship was for 4 years, and since we started experimenting with sex it went downhill pretty quick. Take things really slow.

  • I would say do what you think is best. And follow your heart and don't have too many expectations.

    Good luck!


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