How you are perceived reflects what you are capable of?

People normally say "don't judge a book by its cover" but in all honesty, everyone does; assumptions are easily made. People are especially conservative when it comes to dating. Some think that there is a clear distinction between the kind you only date and the kind you marry. However, the appearance, and sometimes even actions, of someone don't necessarily reflect their potentials and what they are capable of in relationship. When it comes to serious dating, would you approach/give the guy/girl a chance if he/she doesn't "seem" to have "boyfriend/girlfriend-material" ?


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  • I look for three things in a woman. If they are friendly, if they are pretty, and how many men they have lay with. Women always act nice in front of the man they want, until they start dating them or become insecure that they can't date them. Then they turn into witches. A woman who is truly friendly will yell in a matter which doesn't make you go insane.

    A pretty girl is pretty. Can't really make an illusion out of it unless lots of makeup are used. I wouldn't be angry if she wasn't pretty without makeup I would still adore her if she was friendly.

    Women cannot lie to a certain breed of men if they are virgins or not. We have ways of making mating signals and we watch how they make mating signals back. There are mating signals exclusive to virgins and non virgins. A man's greatest nightmare is his daughter becoming a whore. Some men have mastered whore and virgin detection. I want my wife to be pretty, friendly, and a virgin. Girlfriend I have no standards whatsoever. This is because if I get a bitch I tell my son not to date one. If I date a whore I tell my daughter not to be one. If I get ugly I don't care ugly is still fine! Hahaha!

    • So how does your radar work Sir?

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    • Hahahaha! Your "mating signals" is a bunch of BS. If this were true, it would be used all over the place. This is just some "old man's mumbo jumbo." BAH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    • You're laughing because you can't detect virgins. You're laughing because the wisest men can detect virgins. You're afraid because you have probably lay with so many men you are not wife material anymore. Go tell your husband you lost your hymen horseback riding you henpecking witch.

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  • Dating is so artificial and outmoded as a way to meet someone. I gav eup on it as a teenager and have never regretted it. Yes in the dating game there are people you want for sex and those you want long term; I think its crazy to put people in those categories, so I opted out of the whole system.

    One problem in dating is that you don't really get to know the person, so as you say you cam make mistakes about what they are really like, and most people do make mistakes, leading to hour high divorce rate.

    It's better to get to know people organically, in day to day siutations, in social settings like clubs for people with common interests, gatherings to talk about current events, or in realxed settings such as picnics or sports...

  • Judging someone comes from experience, if you have experience with dating lots of different girls I think it's safe to know with who you are going to be wasting your time with and have minimum information, at least to someone that is a layman, to go on

    There is only so much time a person can touch a hot stove before they realize it will burn

    Naturally if you ASSUME someone is some way without having a direct experience, or not really being sure then you are probably missing out on someone, or at very least some core information that will help you choose later on

    • Also I should add that the effort or risk of what you have to loose plays a part in your choice. Say if you actually did get burnt, I mean as in fire, molten flesh burnt, whenever you went up to talk to a girl you would have much stricter guidelines and would play off to your "stereotypes" a lot more. If there is little harm that can come to you then you have nothing to loose by putting aside your conceptions of someone, and just go for it to see where things go and if you are right or not

  • Actually, dating is one place where appearance is very much an important thing. Because you have to be attracted to someone, especially sexually, for things to really work out. Plus, the more sexually attractive you find your partner, the more likely it is that you'll have healthy kids. So I wouldn't be too quick to stop considering looks as one of the most important parts of a relationship.


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  • Yeah, I would give them a chance. I mean, why not?

    I have nothing to lose. Here's the bottom line. You just don't know.

    If a person doesn't 'seem' to have boyfriend/girlfriend material, he/she isn't showing their qualities.. There could be many possibilities as to why. You just don't know. We do have a natural tendency to try to make sense of things of the information we have and like that example pointed out, the problem is that the information we have is too small.

    Judgement are for protection. Also, people believe they are wise and savvy if they can sum up someone instantaneously.