Go for it or forget it?

My friends and I met some guys this past Saturday. We talked to them for like 2 or 3 hours. I really started to like one of them. We added each other on Facebook and everything so I was planning on asking him to hang out after a few days. Well, I mentioned it to my friend Sarah** and she was just like,"Oh...". I asked her if she liked him at all and she said, "A little I guess. But it doesn't matter. You know I've liked Matt** forever". So I blew it off. Well last night I found out she went behind my back and called him and then she posted on a Facebook status that she's SO glad she got to talk to him, that he's such a sweetheart, and that she can't wait to hang out with him. I brought it up with her and now I guess there's a chance we might all go bowling in a few days. It's horrible of me but I can't help feeling like I've lost. I really like this guy. He's smart and he's really nerdy in a way, like I am. I've been looking for a guy like that for quite a long time... So basically I have three options. 1) I forget it. 2) I try to look my best and see how it goes. or 3) I pretty much just hint big time so he knows his options. I don't know which of these to do... :/

**Names Changed


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  • I would choose option three, before you do that though, make sure you tell your friend so they'll be no feelings of betrayal. Tell her how you feel about him and your not tying to compete with her, but he is single and so are you. Since they're not going out and all of you are just friends, it shouldn't be a problem.


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